Sandratra: Increase the promotion and respect for the rights of street children and their care in Madagascar

Sandratra: Increase the promotion and respect for the rights of street children and their care in Madagascar

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Socially and economically re-integrate children and young people living on the street in Antananarivo, and prevent separation from their families.


Madagascar has experienced unprecedented crisis for more than a quarter of a century. The last political crisis to hit the island in 2009 caused great economical and social disruption in the country, characterised by an increase in poverty and vulnerability. Populations already vulnerable before the crisis have become more so, in particular at-risk families and children. In fact, UNICEF estimated in 2014 that 8 our of 10 children live beneath the poverty line and that beyond income poverty, Malagasy children suffer multiple deprivation, which has become worse since the 2009 crisis (high rate of malnutrition, poor access to good education, lack of healthcare, lack of protection against violence and exploitation). Among them, children working and/or living on the street are particularly discriminated against and vulnerable to abuse. According to UNICEF and those in the field, since the crisis, this phenomenon has been growing in major cities. And so in the Madagascan capital, Antananarivo, the number of children and young people living on the street is estimated to be at least 4,000, the majority of whom have dropped out of school, live by begging or domestic work and some of whom are sexually exploited. Families are also increasingly likely to live on the street with their children. Without specific, long-term support, the likelihood of these children and young people escaping from this unstable situation is almost zero, and the chances of this phenomenon re-occurring generation after generation are high.


  • Foster care and support for children and young people on the street and their families
  • Improve the practices of field actors in supporting children and families
  • Promote the rights of street children in Madagascar


  • 1,400 children and young people in Antananarivo, from 3 to 22 years
  • 350 families of the children cared for by partners
  • 40 social workers and professionals
  • The Apprentis d’Auteuil network of local, regional and international partners

Local partners

Since 2009, Apprentis d’Auteuil has focussed on assisting four advocacy and support organisations for street children in Madagascar: H.A.R.D.I, E.N.D.A Océan Indien, Graine de Bitume and the Centre N.R.J (Nouveau Relais des Jeunes). The primary goal of these agencies is to help improve the living conditions of children and young people living on the street, by offering them a stable, safe and hopeful environment. They benefit from receiving support in terms of education, health, food, socially, teaching and appropriate vocational support, and receive help with economic integration. Since 2009 the results obtained are already significant: increased number of beneficiaries, visible improvement in their health, (re) schooling of many children, high rate of success in exams and capacity building of educators.


  • Organising forays into the streets of Antananarivo
  • Caring for 1,400 children and young people living on the street in partner reception centres (accommodation, food, healthcare, schooling, social and educational activities)
  • Employment Office (BPE) to support 275 young people towards economic integration
  • Implementation of support activities for families of the children who are being cared for (awareness/training workshops on various themes, administrative support)
  • Organising 2 workshops to exchange experiences, good practices and inspiring practices combining AA’s Street Children Community of Practices and Knowledge  (CPS - Malagasy and International AA partners)
  • Setting up training for educators and partner resources teams (via online training – MOOC – and field training sessions) 
  • Participation of Apprentis d'Auteuil and its partners in the UN’s Universal Periodic Review in 2018
  • Organising awareness-raising events for the general public about the rights of street children

Expected impacts

  • Access to basic rights is facilitated for over 1,400 children and young people living on the street
  • At least 380 young people helped towards socio-professional integration
  • About 350 families helped and supported in their social and educational roles
  • Partners’ knowledge and educational practices have improved in terms of care and support of street children 
  • Actors involved in child protection (CSOs, political authorities, local communities) are made aware and mobilised for the protection of children’s rights


Caroline Vignon

E-mail: Caroline.vignon(at)

Tel: +262 (0) 6 92 64 50 94


Support for street children € 219,371
HR € 243,684
Training/BPE integration € 90,508
Support for families € 1,836
Exchange Workshops (CPS) € 102,180
Partner Training € 60,632
Advocacy and awareness € 31,800
Miscellaneous and incidentals € 25,845

Administrative costs

€ 109,346
Support, monitoring and evaluation € 135,361
TOTAL € 1,020,563
AFD € 510,282
H.A.R.D.I € 23,600

Principality of Monaco

€ 360,000
Private donations € 50,000
Funding sought € 76,681
TOTAL € 1,020,563
Apprentis d’Auteuil is a deeply committed catholic foundation, recognized as promoting the public interest in France and in more than 50 countries. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the foundation and their partners, Apprentis d’Auteuil have been able to supervise more than 23.000 children in France and almost 20.000 children and families worldwide. Its main goal is to help youth in difficulty by conducting educational projects and to boost their ability to participate in society as full-fledged citizens by promoting training and insertion programs worldwide. In addition to their actions towards helping vulnerable children, Apprentis d’Auteuil and their partners assist struggling parents in their family obligations, with coeducation as the guiding principle. The key purpose is to improve the management of children under their care and to enable them to grow as free and responsible adults. To make a donation for education – Please contact the foundation for underprivileged children Apprentis d’Auteuil.