Key figures and governance

Key figures and governance

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Key figures


  • 12,000 young people and families,
  • 64 partner organizations spread throughout
  • 24 countries taking part, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia

In France

  • Almost 30,000 young people in our care from toddlers to young adults, 6,000 supported families
  • over 300 institutions and schemes in France
  • More than 6,700 collaborators in France, 1.600 volunteers
  • 100 training options in France
  • 1,600 young people and adults from Apprentis d’ Auteuil engaged in an international experience

Governance and functioning

Apprentis d’Auteuil is a French foundation with its headquarters in Paris.Apprentis d’Auteuil reports to the Diocese of Paris and is a registered charity, we are administered by a Board of Directors. The Board sets out major guidelines, approves the budget and ensures a watchful eye on the organisation, financial situation and achievements. The General Management Committee guarantees the direction of the foundation under the authority of the Managing Director and the control of the Board of the Directors. This cooperative form of management constitutes an asset in decision-making in an environment that is becoming more and more complex. The Board of Directors and General Management work with six specialised permanent committees whose members, are notably specialists from outside the foundation.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determine, under the  proposals of the General Management, the guidelines of Apprentis d’Auteuil in terms of education, teaching and pastoral activities as well as the long term development plan. It exercises permanent control of the management process. The Board of Directors is composed of 12 members who serve a 9-year mandate.


  • Jean-Marc Sauvé, President
  • Pierre Lecocq, Vice-President
  • Bruno Cotte, Secretary
  • Elisabeth Pauly, treasurer

Other administrators:

  • Pascal Bourgue, 
  • Le Père Francis Weiss,
  • Père Marc Botzung, 
  • Pascal Balmand, 
  • Joanna Nowicki, 
  • Chantal Paisant,
  • Père Olivier Teilhard de Chardin,
  • Fabrice Daverio.

Government Commissioner: Michel ROUZEAU

General Management

The General Management Committee defines the guidelines and strategies which are validated by the Board of Directors. It is composed of six members appointed by the Board of Directors. They ensure collectively the management of Apprentis d’Auteuil, under the authority of the Managing Director.

  • General Director and director of operations: Nicolas Truelle
  • General representative of the pastoral: Marc Whelan
  • Chief Administrative Officer in charge of the Department of Management and Resources: Olivier Descamps
  • Director of strategy and international matters: André Altmeyer
  • Director of Human Resources: Luc Fossey

The Committees

  • Committee for the care of young people, family, and seniors
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee of human resources and staff

Your contact


Mario Fetz - General Representative

Apprentis d’Auteuil Switzerland

Tel: (+41) 79 324 16 95
Mail: mario.fetz(at)

Apprentis d’Auteuil is a deeply committed catholic foundation, recognized as promoting the public interest in France and in more than 50 countries. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the foundation and their partners, Apprentis d’Auteuil have been able to supervise more than 23.000 children in France and almost 20.000 children and families worldwide. Its main goal is to help youth in difficulty by conducting educational projects and to boost their ability to participate in society as full-fledged citizens by promoting training and insertion programs worldwide. In addition to their actions towards helping vulnerable children, Apprentis d’Auteuil and their partners assist struggling parents in their family obligations, with coeducation as the guiding principle. The key purpose is to improve the management of children under their care and to enable them to grow as free and responsible adults. To make a donation for education – Please contact the foundation for underprivileged children Apprentis d’Auteuil.