Family Support – How to help break isolation among families with Apprentis d’Auteuil

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Discover how Apprentis d’Auteuils helps families to break isolation. We bring support to parents in vulnerable situations to enable prevention and reintegration in the family.

Apprentis d’Auteuil was founded in 1866 by Monsieur Abbé Roussel who wanted to care for the orphans in Paris. His aim was to protect children and to enable them to access education and to have a job. The charity expanded a lot during World War II and set up partnerships with the National Education Board and Social services. In late 19th century, Apprentis d’Auteuil began to develop itself abroad with cooperation in Cameroon, Congo and Lebanon.
Apprentis d’Auteuil is a family foundation which works with both children and parents because the first way to develop educational ease of access is to help families in general. Indeed, vulnerable situations prevent parents from offering security and well-being to their children. Helping families in need is a way to restore a good situation for parents as well as children. Our charity builds support, educational, training and insertion programs with its international partners. Thus, we are helping more than 50,000 young people and families facing a precarious or an uncertain situation. Our projects are developed worldwide to enable people to find their place in the society and to restore well-being.

A family foundation whose aim is to bring back confidence and well-being

Our family support charity acts at two levels: prevention and return of children into their families after having lived in an institution or in the streets. Through prevention, our objective is to keep children in their families. The return of a child is also a difficult transition which requires support to go well. We are here to guide families in order to restore mutual confidence and respect. We are convinced that the power of parents and their role in education favor the flourishing of their children. We are developing our areas of activity to bring our help worldwide.

In all cases, the family foundation just wants to bring help to parents who are overwhelmed with difficult situations. It is not about forcing them or deciding for them but rather improve their relationships with their children and reinforce their power. The Family Open House Program is one of our plans to help break isolation among families. Parents and children become active participants in the missions and activities we proposed. It is a way to share with other members of the family and with other families in general. It enables to create new bonds based on respect and reciprocity. The parents regain confidence to get their role back in the education of their children.

Our actions as a family foundation

Of course, Apprentis d’Auteuil acts for training and insertion as well as childhood protection, but helping families in need is also an important way to care for children. In France, we opened the childcare center "Les petites pousses du Lac" situated in an underprivileged area in Bordeaux. It takes care of children aged between two and four, but it also bring parental support, especially for isolated mothers. Coffee hour and meetings with psychologists and instructors are set up to help them daily.

We also created this kind of center dedicated to families and children in Beirut, Lebanon. In this poor region, women and children are particularly at risk. The mothers are accompanied in their educational role and everyone is protected from abuses and violence. In the Philippines, we opened a residence for young girls in the streets. They are the first victims of violence, drugs and prostitution as their parents do not hesitate to prostitute them for some money. In our center, they benefit from vital treatment, education and psychological support. Our family foundation acts worldwide for children protection and parents support. We work for the well-being of children and families. If you want more information on our projects and programs, do not hesitate to contact us on our website.

Apprentis d’Auteuil is a deeply committed catholic foundation, recognized as promoting the public interest in France and in more than 50 countries. Thanks to the expertise and experience of the foundation and their partners, Apprentis d’Auteuil have been able to supervise more than 23.000 children in France and almost 20.000 children and families worldwide. Its main goal is to help youth in difficulty by conducting educational projects and to boost their ability to participate in society as full-fledged citizens by promoting training and insertion programs worldwide. In addition to their actions towards helping vulnerable children, Apprentis d’Auteuil and their partners assist struggling parents in their family obligations, with coeducation as the guiding principle. The key purpose is to improve the management of children under their care and to enable them to grow as free and responsible adults. To make a donation for education – Please contact the foundation for underprivileged children Apprentis d’Auteuil.